Corporate History:

Integracom (from: “Integrated Communications”) was created as Integracom Management Consultants Inc. in 1992 to address a request from potential clients in the Canadian federal government.   These first customers wanted to realize the potential of a government-wide, secure communications concept, called the “Senior Executive Network (SEN)”, and they needed a team of strongly business-focused communications and marketing specialists to help them do that.    Integracom’s founders worked with these initial clients to clearly define all of the parameters of their concept and communicate it in terms that investors, business partners, and end user customers would understand and support.   That project was so successful that many more followed in it’s footsteps in both the public and private sectors.


The founders quickly took this approach to the next logical level for other client projects and, in addition to the communications and marketing, began developing all of the high-level strategies and tactical details necessary to ensure complete project success.   For clients who needed additional help, Integracom consultants would also market test initial versions or mock-ups of the design and, after any necessary adjustments, help them to take the program to full commercial implementation.


After more than 20 years, the custom-designed processes and procedures we use have been fine-tuned to minimize risk, fully meet or exceed expectations, and stay on target for delivery schedules and budgets.   Throughout the process we employ ongoing consultative communications protocols and techniques to ensure that all stakeholders are fully informed at every step.   This consultative approach helps to ensure buy-in from all players throughout the development phases, as well as on final delivery.